About - Code of Behaviour

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The school rules are based on the principle of the dignity of the person and the respect due to oneself, other students, members of staff and the care of the environment in which we live and work.

The school rules apply to all students . . .

  • During the school day.
  • While on school related activities.
  • When under the care or responsibility of the school.

All who come to Loreto Community School have the right to be educated in an atmosphere of respect and in an organised learning environment. As a student . . .

  • It is my responsibility to show respect at all times to teachers, staff members, parents, fellow students, visitors and myself.
  • I will wear full school uniform at all times and keep my hair and appearance neat and tidy.
  • It is my responsibility to come to school on time every day, remain on the premises, be punctual to class and be prepared to work co-operatively with my teachers and classmates.
  • If I am absent from school, I am responsible in accounting for it by presenting a written note in my journal from my Parent/Guardian on return to school with a reason for my absence.
  • If I have to leave school, I must have a note from my parents, which must be signed by the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head.
  • I must also sign out at the School Office before leaving. Students must be collected at the school gate.
  • If involved in extra curricular activities, it is my responsibility to complete homework for the time I missed.
  • I must not be out of class without permission.
  • It is my responsibility to obey all classroom rules.

All who come to Loreto Community School have the right to work in a clean, safe and healthy environment. As a student it is my responsibility . . .

  • To treat the school property and the property of others with respect and play an active part in keeping the school clean and graffiti free.
  • To eat only in the designated areas of the school and only during break and lunch time.
  • Not to chew gum in school.
  • Not to smoke in school or on or near school grounds.
  • Not to bring illegal or toxic substances to school.
  • To follow safety regulations so as not to put my safety or the safety of others at risk.
  • To leave areas such as the toilets and showers as I would like to find them.
  • To use lockers and toilets only at break times unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • Not to deface school property or the property of other students and staff.

All who come to Loreto Community School have the right to pursue their education without interference, bullying or intimidation. As a student . . .

  • I understand that fighting, bad language and rough behaviour show serious disrespect and are not tolerated.
  • I understand that pornographic material, insulting remarks etc are offensive and will be treated very seriously.
  • I understand that bullying will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in a firm, fair and understanding manner.