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The new Junior Cycle curriculum, which replaces the Junior Certificate, is currently being rolled out in our school on a phased basis. Junior Cycle will place the student at the centre of the learning process. Students at Junior Cycle will experience more active-based learning methods and will be empowered to develop a broad range of skills. It shifts the focus away from traditional rote learning of facts towards the application of knowledge and the development of key skills. The overall aim of the new Junior Cycle is to equip students with the necessary skills, aptitudes and tools to become independent, self-directed and adaptable life-long learners. This is a particularly important and worthwhile goal considering the changing nature of the global economy and the demands of the modern workplace. Students at Loreto will experience the new Junior Cycle curriculum this year (2017/18) in the following subject areas: .

As part of the continuous assessment aspect of the new Junior Cycle, students will complete one Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) in each of the above subjects during their second year and another CBA in third year. These CBA’s will be skills-focused and will be assessed by the classroom teacher. The outcome of these assessments will appear on the new Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (the new official document awarded to students upon completion of Junior Cycle) next to the separate result awarded by the State Examinations Commission – which is assessed externally. The State Examinations Commission result will be based on a terminal end of year examination (worth 90%) and an Assessment Task (worth 10%) which will be based on the second CBA that the student completes in third year. You will be updated of important dates and deadlines for the completion of each CBA and the Assessment Task by the relevant class teacher during the year. These dates will also appear on this page. For more information on Junior Cycle please visit where you can access information on each subject.

The Junior Cycle curriculum has been designed to ensure that students experience and develop the following key skills:

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Core Curriculum Subjects:

Optional Subjects:

In second year Irish, English and Mathematics classes are divided into Higher and Ordinary level, based on the results of the summer examinations in first year.