Admissions Policy




This Admissions Policy has been adopted by the Board of Management in accordance with the Education Act 1998, Education Welfare Act 2000 and the Equal Status Act 2000.


Loreto Community School is a co-educational school under the auspices of the Department of Education and Skills. The school has a Christian ethos whilst maintaining a deep respect for the diversity of traditions, values and beliefs found in the whole community. It encourages open access to educational opportunities for children of all abilities and promotes inclusiveness.

The school shall endeavour to develop a student's talents to their maximum potential in a caring and supportive environment. We also aspire to nurture self-esteem and respect for others.


Procedure for First Year Enrolments

Primary Schools in the transport catchment area of Milford are visited in January/ February of the year of enrolment. Application forms, transport forms, subject option forms, the school's Code of Behaviour, Prospectus and Admissions Policy are distributed during the visit.

An Open/Enrolment Night is held for parents and sixth class students. This includes an information meeting where application procedures, the curriculum, school rules and ethos are outlined. Time is allocated before and after this meeting for accepting applications for enrolment. This night is advertised in the local press and in the feeder schools.

Completed applications, with the required documentation, must be lodged in the School Office by Friday 15th February 2013. The completed form should be accompanied by a birth certificate.

Late applications will be considered depending on the availability of places at the time of application.

In addition to receiving reports from the Primary School, the school shall evaluate the educational needs of the children through assessment/aptitude tests.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to provide the school with information and relevant reports regarding health, safety, educational needs of their child and any other information a school needs to know eg exempt Irish, right of access to a child etc.

Confirmation of enrolment shall be issued within 21 days of the completion of the enrolment process ie date of the Assessment/Aptitude Test.

Students shall be assigned to classes on a mixed ability basis. Gender (equal numbers of boys and girls in each class) or choice of subject may also be taken into account. Please note that when a Subject Option Form is not returned or is returned late, the school may allocate subjects to the student on an availability basis.

From Second Year onwards, classes are streamed and/or banded for Irish, English and Maths.

There are constraints based on the resources available eg teacher resources, restrictions on class sizes and viable class numbers ie a minimum number is required.

The maximum number of spaces for First Year in 2013 is 144.